Raya & the Dragon that is last is A Legend Of Korra Movie

Raya & the Dragon that is last is A Legend Of Korra Movie


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While Raya may not have mastery throughout the four elements, she and her tale will plainly be marked by way of a tenacity that is korra-like strength.

Considering that the trailer for Raya as well as the Last Dragon dropped online, many viewers were quick to indicate the film that is upcoming seeming similarities to The Legend of Korra. Set into the fantasy world of Kumandra, the upcoming Disney film is said to follow its titular heroine as she l ks for truly the only surviving creature that is mystical to revive peace between its combatting factions, a storyline that will fit nicely into the Avatar universe.

To start with, there was Raya herself (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran of Star Wars popularity), that is character design bears striking similarities to Korra’s. In the trailer, the warrior dons an light blue ensemble, includes a high ponytail accompanied by two pigtails, and carries herself with confidence of the well-trained warrior, using impressive combat abilities punctuated with the application of gracefully fluid martial arts.

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